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Team Members

Janet Brown
Client Consultant
Janet Brown came to Color Press twenty-some years ago, having already worked for the printing press at Union College where she graduated. Since then she's loaned her attentive eye as a Proof Reader, Receptionist, Production Manager, and now as Client Consultant. Janet enjoys arts and crafts—especially quilts of unnecessary complexity—gardening, and weekend trips with her husband in their RV.

Dale Buley
Dale Buley was born and raised in Walla Walla before moving away and finally resettling in the valley. Dale joined Color Press in 1999 as primary Receptionist and Accounting Clerk, having spent much of her career honing multi-tasking skills with four children. Today she enjoys babysitting her two grandchildren, hiking in the local Blue Mountains, camping, and longing for the beach.
Lorraine Ferguson
Client Consultant
Lorraine Ferguson came to Color Press in 2004 with extensive customer service experience. She's worked at Union College, in the healthcare field, and at her family-run Minute Man Press in Dana Point, California. Lorraine savors fresh tomatoes, enjoys playing the piano, and is keen on traveling.

Stephanie moved to Walla Walla in 2004 and recently joined the Color Press team. Her passion for art and nature inspires an artistic/organic style to her designs. Stephanie enjoys motorcycling, camping, cooking and American Indian bead work and art.
Keith Vasconcelles
Keith joined Color Press eight years ago. He grew up in Southern California a few blocks from the beach. He gave up his surfboard and sunny winters to join the Color Press team in the quaint little town of Walla Walla.
Rob Ferguson
Rob Ferguson became president of Color Press in 2010. He has many years of experience from running his own shop in Southern California. He loves hiking, and creating outdoor memories with his wife and Kids.