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Evangelism Advertising Principles

Every preacher wants someone to preach to. Most evangelism preachers continually ask the question, “How can I get more people to attend my meetings?” What really works? Are there field-tested, proven methods for drawing a crowd that evangelism preachers can successfully use? YES!

Four Simple Principles for Drawing a Crowd

Advertising to Draw Larger Crowds

Your Advertising Dollar at Work

You Will Be Amazed At What God Does

God is longing to bring to your meeting more people than you can possibly imagine.  Advertising is a vehicle for the Holy Spirit to work through.  Every handbill, poster, door hanger, TV/radio spot, or newspaper advertisement is another opportunity for the Holy Spirit to touch someone’s heart.  It is another opportunity for God to prompt them to attend the meetings.  Advertising does not bring people to evangelism meetings, God does.  But advertising does give God greater opportunity to move upon people’s hearts.

Without the Holy Spirit all the advertising in the world will fall on deaf ears.  People will be unmoved.  But without advertising, we limit God.  The best advertising is a charged life, the witness of a converted member.  Place effective, colorful advertising in the hands of converted people, scatter those handbills all over town, advertise extensively, and you will be amazed at what God does.

God’s Call to Evangelism

Throughout the Old and New Testaments our Lord encourages His people in a time of moral darkness to reach out to the largest audience possible.  God calls us to be lights in the world (Isaiah 60:1).  We are urged “not to hold our peace.”  Isaiah the gospel prophet proclaims, “How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news, who proclaims peace, who brings glad tidings of good things” (Isaiah 52:7).  In the parable of the wedding feast, Jesus urges His disciples to the alleys and highways so that they may compel people into His banquet (Luke 14:23).