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Handbills are an extremely important part of evangelism advertising, but a coordinated advertising package will draw more than a handbill mailing alone.  By coordinating each aspect of the advertising with the same feel, look and theme, the attention of many people is arrested.  Quality of design and overall impact make the difference.  It is best to mail handbills four or five days before the meetings begin.  Each handbill contains a phone number to call for reserved seats.  Individuals who call should receive a letter confirming his or her registration along with a reserved seat ticket.  People who call several days before the meetings begin should be told to pick up their tickets at the door.

Posters and Billboards

Saturate the community with posters two weeks before your meetings begin.  It is preferable to cluster posters in a close area around the meeting location, rather than scatter them all over town. Your posters will make a much greater impact if you put 25-50 on a single street.  Why not take 100 posters and place them all within a 15-minute walk of the meeting location?  The principle is concentrate, concentrate, concentrate to make an impact.

Newspaper Advertisements

A newspaper ad coordinated with the total advertising package can make a difference.  When placing a newspaper ad, ask for an odd numbered page or the back page of any section.  This ad format can easily employ the front cover design from your handbill.   Place the newspaper ad three days before meetings begin.  Check with your local newspaper regarding church rates and rates for multiple runs.  If possible, run your newspaper ad for four consecutive days through the opening weekend of your meetings.  Remember to add a phone number and website for registration.

Radio/TV Advertising

Radio and television advertising can be extremely effective if a budget permits it.  In smaller communities, radio may be extremely inexpensive.  Dollar for dollar it can be one of the most effective forms of advertising.  It is better to place 75-100 radio ads aired three days before the meetings rather than scatter 100 ads over two weeks.  Since many local cable stations need additional revenue, it is often possible to purchase TV ads at reasonable prices in some markets.  Follow the same principles and concentrate your TV ads three days before the meetings begin.  TV ads which are coordinated with your handbill, posters, door hangers, postcards and newspaper ads are the most effective.

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