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Color Press Products:

HART Products

Production Services

Design ServicesDesign
High quality begins with design. We give our best to make sure that every custom design meets the high standards of our department and our clients. It's a Color Press commitment. With an onsite staff of designers, gigantic image libraries of exclusive and non-exclusive art, and constant communication between our Designers and Client Consultants, we're ready to take your ideas from paper napkins to 80# gloss.

Proofing ServicesProofing
Before you even see the first proof, you can rest assured that your handbill, book, poster, banner or other job has gone through multiple internal proofs, being checked for design, formatting, grammar, and consistency issues. After we're satisfied, you'll be directed to an online "soft proof." Upon your approval, your job will enter a state-of-the-art proofing and matching system for on-press color fidelity.

Printing ServicesPrinting
Color Press' pressroom constantly evolves with technological advances. Today, our five- and six-color presses offer the most advanced color-matching technology available in the market. Our press operators are dedicated and highly-skilled technicians who get the most out of each press and each job. What does this mean to you? Printing that's higher quality than the magazines in your interest's mailbox.

Digital Printing ServicesDigital Printing
Printing has come a long way since even five years ago. Our digital press department is the perfect example. With low setup and full-color quality approaching traditional methods, our Digital Printing excels in short runs of posters, tickets, and other small pieces. The real advantage, however, is in its capacity to do "variable data." Words, colors, and even images change depending on whom the piece is printed for or where it's going.

Finishing ServicesFinishing
Once your job is printed, it's sent in sheets to be trimmed in a large guillotine cutter. Depending on the project, after that it is often folded into a brochure or stitched into magazine format. Our Finishing Department offers various other options, including coil and wire-o binding, drilling, shrink wrapping, and special packaging.

Direct Mail ServicesDirect Mail Services
An in-house mail service is an absolutely essential part of delivering your direct-mail pieces in-home and intact. We do everything short of hand delivering your handbills to make sure they have a peaceful journey from our plant to your interests' homes. After addressing each piece, we sort them into carrier routes, band them, label them, put them in trays, thoroughly label each tray, palletize the trays, label the pallets, and host the US Postal Service as it verifies every single job. We're experts at navigating the complex regulations of bulk-mailing, and we go to bat for you and your job every single time.