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Unsealing Daniel's Mysteries DVD
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Unsealing Daniel's Mysteries DVD

Golden images, winged lions, proud kings, strange and magnificent creatures emerging from the sea, Judgment Day, and the Holy Sanctuary . . . they are all part of the fascinating, colorful book of Daniel.

Follow along in this dramatic chapter-by-chapter video series and discover a powerful message for today.

Presentation topics include:
1) Prophetic Symbols Revealed
2) The Psychics vs. the Prophet
3) Defying the Death Decree
4) The Impossible Deliverance
5) Life's Greatest Mistake
6) Confidence in the Crisis
7) Kingdoms in Collision
8) Cleansed at Last
9) Always on Time
10) Without a Doubt
11) Still in His Hands
12) The End and a New Beginning

Pastor Mark Finley has deeply studied the Bible prophecies of the book of Daniel for more than 30 years. He has taught hundreds of seminars on Bible prophecy all across the globe.

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Unsealing Daniel's Mysteries DVD SM1008

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