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The Church On Mission

Is your local church on mission? Discover why and how the early apostolic church received the early rain of the Holy Spirit. Learn how your local church could bring His latter rain today. Discover and do the end-time mission of the remnant church.

Formatted for group Bible study, the facilitator begins by presenting the Bible truth about the mission. Then questions are provided for breakout discussions. Answer keys are at the back pages of the book. The 13 lessons are recommended for a study in a quarter of the year:

1. Disciples of Jesus: Identifying with Christ

2. I Will Build My Church: Knowing Christ's Church

3. Purpose of the Church: Committing to the task

4. Messages to Give, I: Justifying of the repentant sinner

5. Messages to Give, II: Sanctifying of the justified

6. Messages to Give, III: Glorifying of the sanctified

7. Personal Preparation: Banding together in one accord

8. Holy Spirit on the Task, I: Knowing how the Holy Spirit works

9. Holy Spirit on the Task, II: Surrendering to the Holy Spirit

10. Effective Witnessing: Winning one more person to Christ

11. End-time Messages: Doing the end-time mission

12. Ministry Obstacles: Unyielding to the adversary

13. Troubles Solved: Readying for the Church's crises

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