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The Silencing of Satan

The "Silencing of Satan" gives compelling proof of the investigation of the saints, new perspectives on why there is an investigation, and a more encouraging understanding of what God is looking for. It demonstrates how the investigative process builds Christian assurance. It answers the most important objections detractors have with Seventh-day Adventist's investigative judgment doctrine. It also shows that the hour of God's judgment announced in Revelation 14:6,7 was repeatedly prefigured in the history of God's dealings with mankind. This unquestionably affirms its end-time fulfillment (1844-) in Adventism's experience and doctrine. Read this book. You will see that the investigative judgment is better news and more biblical than you ever thought before. The "Silencing of Satan" is silencing critics of the doctrine of the investigative judgment. 6x9 inch, 240-page paperback.

These are just a few of the comments readers have made about this updated and expanded work about the pre-advent investigative judgment as depicted in the Scriptures.

Reader's Comments

"Your book is refreshing, inspiring, and very well written, making a lot of solid biblical sense."

"Although the exact word 'investigate' is not used in modern translations, there is plenty of evidence in the Greek and Hebrew that shows that many texts in both the New & Old Testaments could be translated using the word 'investigate.'"

"Pastor Williams' book deals with the 'context' problem of Daniel 8 ... Reading this has alleviated my concerns … about the contextual problem of Daniel 8."

"Thanks ever so much for sending me a copy about the pre-advent judgment. I think you have done a very fine job of presenting it in the light of the gospel."

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