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Custom Handbills

Custom Handbills Millions of custom printed Color Press handbills stream out across North America every year. They come in several sizes, colors, and formats - from the tried and true to the brand new! All feature the highest quality images, design and printing found anywhere.

Every witnessing concept we develop begins with communication and input from evangelists and pastors all across the country. If you have a personal topic, unique approach, or even a regional vision for reaching the lost, our designers would love to work for you to create a "from-scratch" handbill that people will respond to.

Custom handbills are available in standard sizes of 18 x 12 and 14 x 11, vertical or horizontal. View our custom handbills below to get your creative juices flowing!

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Decoding Prophecy Custom Handbill
Decoding Prophecy Custom Handbill This handbill design takes a very decided prophetic approach by featuring the winged lion of Daniel 7 on the cover. The inside spread blends a very contemporary design layout with the depiction of ancient prophetic symbols that allows you to feature your nightly topics in a compelling way. The...

Armageddon Custom Handbill
Armageddon Custom Handbill A popular handbill that features the Armageddon subject, highlighted by a hellfire effect.

Armageddon 2 Custom Handbill
Armageddon 2 Custom Handbill Another Armageddon concept handbill featuring the 4 Horsemen of Revelation galloping across a cityscape.

Evolution Goes Extinct Custom Handbill
Evolution Goes Extinct Custom Handbill Features a series of creative elements on the cover that are easily recognizable in the creation vs. evolution debate. Note the back cover, with the powerful image of Christ by Nathan Greene.

Did Darwin Kill God? Custom Handbill
Did Darwin Kill God? Custom Handbill A creative and striking cover image draws the viewer in, and resolves with Christ on the inside spread.

America in Bible Prophecy Custom Handbill
America in Bible Prophecy Custom Handbill Features a prophetic approach to America's role in Prophecy. The inside spread features an image of President Obama.

Daniel Statue Custom Handbill
Daniel Statue Custom Handbill A cosmic background offsets the statue of Daniel 2. This custom handbill is a tri-fold.

Daniel Statue 2 Custom Handbill
Daniel Statue 2 Custom Handbill Another Daniel 2 Image cover set against a background of Iraq.

Discover Hope Custom Handbill
Discover Hope Custom Handbill Appeals to a modern audience looking for meaning. Can be heavily customized to fit your needs.

Eternity Approaches Custom Handbill
Eternity Approaches Custom Handbill Utilizes the concept of limited time to create a sense of urgency.

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