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Advertising to Draw Larger Crowds

Unleash the Incredible Potential in the Pew

Two weeks before the meetings begin, pass out the Personal Invitation Cards for church members to self-address and mail to their friends.

Two weeks before the meetings begin give each church member five Reserved Seat Tickets for the opening night of the evangelistic series.  Encourage each member to personally invite five people by pre-enrolling them with the Reserved Seat Ticket.

One week before the meetings begin, initiate a Sabbath of Prayer for the meetings.  Prayed-for-advertising is much more effective than non-prayed for advertising.  Divide up the territory and send church members out with Door Hangers. These attractive pieces reinforce all other forms of advertising and actively involve members of the church.

Involve and Motivate Your Members

Motivated members are the single greatest factor in successful evangelism.  Communicate with them early and encourage them to be part of this special event.  Let members see the professional quality of the advertising by using the Personal Invitation Card as a bulletin insert.

Maximize Adventist Media

Each of the Adventist Media Ministries will mail an invitation for your meeting to each of the names in their database in your targeted area.  Don’t miss this powerful source of good names.  Supply them with zip codes and your handbill or announcement and most ministries will do the rest.

Maximize Mass Media

The first three areas addressed are extremely low budget items.  This fourth area can consume your entire budget.  Budget Rule of Thumb: If your evangelism meetings are in a church facility, spend approximately 75% of your total budget on advertising and 25% on meeting supplies.  If you are in a public hall spend no more than 40% of your budget on one hall, 50% on advertising and 10% on supplies.

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