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5 Keys to Successful Evangelism

5 Keys to Successful Evangelism A Master Strategy Based on Five Church Growth Principles

The “Five Keys to Successful Evangelism” are biblical, Christ-centered principles that testify to their explosive power by producing growing churches.

A careful study of the book of Acts reveals the disciples’ success was based on these five universal principles. These eternal evangelistic principles bridge cultural barriers and ensure success in soul winning. They have been field-tested around the world.

By understanding these “Five Keys,” pastors and lay people have become more successful in winning lost souls to Christ. As these principles are implemented in local congregations, the Holy Spirit works powerfully to produce unusual growth for the kingdom of God.

Key #1 - Revival
Key #2 - Equipping
Key #3 - Community Outreach
Key #4 - Reaping
Key #5 - Nurture and Follow-Up