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Nurture and Follow-Up

5 Keys to Successful Evangelism
Churches grow when new converts are nurtured and taught to witness.

Growing churches nurture their new believers. Follow-up of the interest generated by public evangelism is an ongoing part of the church’s effective outreach.
When men and women accept the truth, we are not to go away an dleave them and have no further burden for them. They are to be looked after.”
Evangelism, p. 345
We do not dip them and drop them. We immerse them and instruct them.

Jesus said to Peter, “When you are converted, strengthen your brethren.” He also asked Peter, “Do you love Me?” Then said, “Feed My lambs.”

Our love for Jesus leads us to a deep concern about the spiritual growth of new believers. As new believers develop their own prayer life, a personal devotional life through Bible study, and become actively involved in witnessing, they will continue to grow spiritually. One of the most effective methods of helping new believers grow in Christ is to teach them how to share their faith.

After individuals have been converted to the truth, they need to be looked after . . . these newly converted ones need nursing, watchful attention, help and encouragement. These should not be left alone, a prey to Satan’s most powerful temptation; they need to be educated in regard to their duties, to be kindly dealt with to be led along, and to be visited and prayed with . . .”
Evangelism, p. 351 and Gospel Workers, p. 322
Let’s identify the principles that will anchor new believers in their faith:
  • New believers grow in faith when they develop a meaningful devotional life.
  • New believers grow when they are equipped to serve.
  • New believers grow when they get involved in ministering to others.
  • New believers grow when they become actively involved in sharing the word of God with others.
  • New believers grow when they develop a friendship network with the church.
When Jesus met Nicodemus in a secluded night meeting, the Savior shocked the Pharisee by declaring, “You must be born again.” Just as spiritually-complacent individuals need to be reborn, so entire congregations need a rebirth of evangelistic vision.

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